NACOPRW-Miami was born in 1977 when a group of ten Puerto Rican women residing in Miami-Dade County, came together to organize the local chapter. In November of that year the chapter was installed, by the then National President Carmen Delgado-Votaw, during the fifth annual National Conference held in Hartford, Connecticut. In January 1978 the first official meeting was held at the Airport Marriott Hotel. The first Board of Directors was installed, presided by Alicia S. Baró. One hundred seventy five women were present constituting the first chapter membership. This was the “kickoff” for a succession of events that has brought NACOPRW-Miami Chapter to its thirty-eighth year of existence.

In keeping with the education goals set forth in the by-laws. one of the first activities was a weekend seminar presided by Dr. Antonia Pantoja, recipient of the President’s Medal of Honor for outstanding contribution to education and the community. Also the NACOPRW. Miami Scholarship Fund was created early on to provide financial assistance to young high school women of Puerto Rican origin who excelled in their studies and wanted to pursue a university education. To this date over one hundred scholarships have been awarded.

Through in-house activities as well as by connecting with other local and national groups, the Miami Chapter has developed an on-going involvement in a number of issues affecting our community and the nation at large. The annual national celebration in March of Women’s History Month has become one of the Chapters biggest events. Puerto Rican women of international; national and local renown are honored for their contributions to the community. Among these are Marta Casals-Istomin, Sister Isolina Ferré, Judges Rosa Rodriguez and Lilliana Torreh-Bayouth, and our own founding president, Alicia S. Baró, in whose name the “Alicia Baró Achievement Award” was created.

Other activities throughout the years include, workshops on the re-districting of Dade County, employment opportunities for Puerto Rican and other Hispanics within the Internal Revenue Service, AIDS Awareness, CPR, self-defense for women, finances and investments, and stress management. NACOPRW has coalesced with other Puerto Rican and Hispanic organizations to bring to this community events that impacted women’s health, education civic, financial and political life. The Chapter is a presence in the community and continues to provide assistance to our young Puerto Rican women through its scholarship program.

The child born thirty-eight years ago has grown and developed into adulthood with the nurturing of its members, each of whom, with her unique contribution, has given NACOPRW-Miami resources to continue to grow.


A sisterhood of Puerto Rican women that will keep you actively involved in Puerto Rican and other Hispanic issues, provide you with professional, leadership and personal growth, develop lifetime friends with whom you can share many experiences and empower yourself and grow in all areas of personal, professional and political endeavor.