NACOPRW Miami 2012/2013 Board Members, Swearing In

For the term of 2012 and 2013, the elected NACOPRW Miami Chapter board members are sworn in by the judge at the beginning of the year. Swearing in officially recognizes them as board members and so they pledge to participate in their roles and achieve their respective duties.

Here are the board members for the NACOPRW Miami Chapter of 2012 and 2013:

Group photo of NACOPRW Miami 2012/2013 board members

Left-to-right: Ivette Vallejo, Maria-Cristina Pérez, Evelyn Martinez, Lucy DelValle-Noreiga, Lydia Morales, Iris Corchado, Norah Smith, Zoraida Seguinot

Profile photo of Zoraida Seguinot swearing in

President Zoraida Seguinot, swearing in.

Profile photo of Maria-Cristina Perez, Vice Treasurer of NACOPRW Miami 2012/2013

Vice Treasurer: Maria-Cristina Pérez

Profile photo of Lydia Morales, Secretary of NACOPRW Miami 2012/2013

Secretary: Lydia Morales

Profile photo of Nora Smith,1st Vice President of NACOPRW Miami 2012/2013

1st Vice President: Nora Smith

Profile photo of Ivette Vallejo, Treasurer of NACOPRW Miami 2012/2013

Treasurer: Ivette Vallejo

Profile of Lucy DelValle, Corresponding Secretary of NACOPRW Miami 2012/2013

Corresponding Secretary: Lucy DelValle

Profile photo of Iris Corchado, Delegate of NACOPRW Miami 2012/2013

Delegate: Iris Corchado