Scholarship Awards 2014

Myrna Betancourt giving the keynote speech

This event was held at the 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant on Saturday June 7th, 2014.

Myrna Betancourt (above), began the event with her inspirational keynote speech by describing her career journey from a social worker to her current passion as a culinary arts teacher.

Myrna Betancourt, 2015 Miami-Dade County Teacher of the Year award

Congrats to Myrna Betancourt, who was awarded as 2015 Miami-Dade County Teacher of the Year! She teaches both young and adult students from the Job Corps. Her students have won awards from culinary arts competitions, while some were hired in restaurants, or received scholarships to attend culinary arts schools like Le Cordon Bleu.


NACOPRW Miami President Zoraida Seguinot with Councilwoman Patricia Fairclough. Looking great, ladies!

Michelle Muniz with her family at the scholarship luncheon

Chelsey with family at scholarship awards 2014

Iris Corchado, the NACOPRW Delegate giving a speech before the raffle.

Iris Corchado (NACOPRW Delegate) is giving a speech before the starting the raffle

Sophia holding the scholarship award with the scholarship committee and her high school teachers
Sophia with the scholarship committee and her high school teachers.

Congratulations to Sophia Estrada, whose active involvement in volunteering for the Gould’s Park Disability Program led her desire to study biology in college.

Sophia Estrada holding scholarship award with NACOPRW president Zory, Patricia Fairclough, and Maria the Scholarship Committee chairperson

Congrats to Michelle Lawrence-Muniz! In both her scholarship essay and during the interview, she presented herself as a very determined young lady. We wish her a prosperous path in studying veterinary medicine, to fulfill her passion for animal life.

Group photo of Michelle with family and scholarship award

Michelle Muniz holding award with the scholarship committee

Last but not least, we’ve honored Chelsey Delgado, and we wish her the best on achieving her goal to become an optometrist!

Group photo of Chelsey holding the scholarship award with family