Annual Picnic 2015 & Swearing In the New Board Members

Group photo of NACOPRW Miami members, holding a Puerto Rican flag banner

On October 25th, 2015, NACOPRW Miami members and relatives gathered at the Oleta River State Park to enjoy the North Miami beach breeze and eat at the annual picnic.

For lunch and dinner, we ate a good variety of Puerto Rican food such as alcapurrias, balaitos, pinonons, and the classic arroz con poyo. Those who had room for dessert tried some arroz con leche (rice pudding).

Other than food, attendees brought instruments such as a guitar, maracas, and a guido to play and sing along together.

Then Zoraida Seguinot (the president of 2015) finished off the picnic by announcing the new NACOPRW Miami board members of 2016/2017, when judge Liliana proceeded to swear them in.

Group photo of NACOPRW members

Playing guitar

Playing the maracas and the guido

NACOPRW members singing along together

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The cook is making alcapurrias at the picnic

The cook is frying alcapurrias and bacalaitos
Frying alcapurrias and bacalaítos

Norah Smith and Iris Corchado eating alcapurrias and bacalaitos at the picnic

Eating arroz con poyo and bacalaitos for dinner at the picnic

Below, judge Liliana is speaking to the new board members, and swearing them in for the 2016/2017 term.

The judge is speaking to the new 2016 board members

NACOPRW Miami board of 2016 is swearing in

NACOPRW Miami Board Members of 2016/2017

From left-to-right:

  • Betzaida Ferrer – Alternate Delegate
  • Evelyn Martinez – Alternate Delegate
  • Iris Corchado – Delegate
  • Zoraida Seguinot – Delegate
  • Maria-Cristina Perez – Vice Treasurer
  • Norah Venegas – Treasurer
  • Carmen Pedrogo – Recording Secretary
  • Lucy DelValle Noriega – 2nd Vice President
  • Norah Smith – 1st Vice President
  • Nydia Cabrera – President

Congrats to the new board of NACOPRW Miami 2016/2017